The right approach and perfect plan or strategy is the key to crack any competitive exam.In this article, we will discuss about Preparation Strategy for BHEL ET Human Resources 2022 Exam, with help of five steps and five stages to crack the written test(CBT). This preparation strategy is most suitable for working professionals, students, and home makers.

Let us look at a 6-step full-proof preparation strategy with 5-stages of achievable goal setting  for BHEL ET HR 2022 Exam.

9 Best Preparation Tips for BHEL ET Human Resources 2022 Exam

Step 1: Know the exam pattern

Step 2: Know the question pattern          

Step 3: Know the syllabus

Step 4: Understand the provided course structure

Step 5:  Mock-Test Based Learning Approach

Step 6: Set your targets and achieve your goal

Now let us look at each of these steps comprehensively:

Step-1:Know the exam pattern

What is the exam pattern of BHEL ET Human Resources(HR) 2022 Exam?

As per official notification for  exam pattern of BHEL ET Human Resources 2022 Exam is consist of four sections i.e Section-1(Subject Knowledge),Section-2(Reasoning),Section-3(General Knowledge) and Section-4(General English).

Step-2:Know the question pattern

What is the question pattern of BHEL Executive Trainee HR 2022 Exam?

Question pattern of BHEL ET Human Resources 2022 Exam  can be understood by referring its previous year papers of BHEL ET HR.Question pattern as its moderate level questions and some time high level or difficult lever at question pattern but can be answered if you are strong at basic level understanding of subject or topic.Our topic wise study materials and test series will help to understand the topic holistically and it will be part of Preparation Strategy for BHEL ET HR 2022 Exam.

Step-3:Know the syllabus

What is the syllabus of BHEL ET HR 2022 Exam?

This is very important step because syllabus is the road map for preparation. Without understanding syllabus we cannot set our target timelines to complete the whole preparation.If we know the exam pattern like step-1 in this article is fine to set our goals because professional knowledge(Section-1) consist of Management,HRM,HRD,OB,IR,Labour Welfare,Constitutional provisions and Labour Laws.Topics of Section-2(Reasoning),Topics of Section-3(GK) and Topics of section-4(General English). For BHEL ET Human Resources 2022 Exam already given the syllabus.There is article provided with detailed syllabus of BHEL ET HR 2022 Exam You can refer that.

Step-4:Understand the provided course structure

What is the course content of online course for BHEL ET Human Resources 2022 Exam?

So far you understood exam pattern,question pattern and syllabus so now you will be able to fix your target against your available time.We provided online course with study materials and Test Series.There are 75+ ebooks(study materials) and 90+ online test series.Study Materials are provided as topics with sub topics for all four sections.Test series are divided into three parts,one part is topic wise with subtopics,second part is model mock test series and prev year solved paper,topic wise test series for all four sections,model mock test series are as per exam pattern. All test series are provided with unique and detailed explanations. In this step you are able to understand the course structure so you set your goals in last step.

Step-5:Mock-Test Based Learning Approach

How model mocks of BHEL Human Resources ET 2022 Exam will help to crack the exam?

Model mocks plays crucial role in your success because more practice leads success. All ten model mocks are provided as per exam pattern only like number of questions, total exam time and question pattern. Questions in model mocks are real-time questions so if you can score more in model mock practice then you will get better score in real exam. As re-attempt option is available for each model mock test to take test as many as time without any restriction, this option gives to practice more and more. For every new attempt you will get updated result of latest attempt. You can check higher and lower score of your fellow aspirants to check comparison for betterment.Model Mocks are actually key to success if you follow the our Preparation Strategy for BHEL ET Human Resources 2022 Exam.

Step-6:Set your targets and achieve your goal

How to set goals and crack the BHEL HR Executive Trainee 2022 Exam?

Everyone has this doubt in their minds. This is the final step to make a road map to your success. You know exam pattern, you know question pattern, you know syllabus and you know your course content so now you have to set your goal with these. Now to need to set timelines for your preparation. If your working professional or student or home maker or some other category but one point you need to keep in your mind that this exam will change your life so you need to dedicate your quality of time every day.

Lets set the timelines. You have to read 75+ ebooks(study materials) and attempt or practice 90+ test series of both papers. If you wanted to start your preparation from scratch then you need to ready each and every ebook and need to attempt each and every topic wise and act wise test series.If you are already preparing similar exams then you need to groom yourself now then need to focus on model mocks first to check your confidence level, if you are not able to get reasonable score then need to start from scratch.

If you are starting your preparation from scratch then follow below.

Stage-I: First priority to Professional Knowledge(Start with Section-1).

Stage-II: Under professional knowledge you can find ebooks(study materials) and Test Series each topic and sub topics. Now start from first topic “Management” with two subtopics “(i)Principles of Management and (ii)Functions of Management” like this,you can find topics with sub topics. In stage-II you need to start reading ebook of first subtopic and followed by test series of same sub topic(example ebook of principles of management then test series of principles of management).You need to continue same for all topics.

Note: Do not start with Labour Laws at initial stage,you can after all topic of professional knowledge.

Below are the part of Preparation Strategy for GAIL Jr. Superintendent HR 2022 Exam.

Stage-III:Once you completed reading ebooks and attempted all test series of subtopics professional knowledge then start with Labour Laws as like stage-II(Frist ebook and then test series of each act).

Stage-IV:Now you have to start with Section-2,Section-3 and Section-4.Here you can start any of topics(Reasoning/General English),its depends on you interest or you can start topic which you feel not so confident. Do not spend more time for Section-2,section-3 and section-4, particularly for GK/GS because this section will help to score better but professional knowledge will help you in personal interview also. You might be given may competitive exams so chances to score better in general paper.

Stage-V:Now you need to start practicing model mock test series. Practicing model mocks are key to your success because model mocks are like real time exam as its pattern is same as real time exam. Question pattern is also similar to real time exam only. Questions in topic wise and act wise test series gives some input to understand the concept but model mocks here is test your knowledge. So more practice more chances to success.Prev year solved paper for to under stand question pattern only.

At last you may think about timelines, yes its purely depends on your dedication and quality of time which you spend every day. Consistency is the only key for success so you need to spend your quality of time every day without any break. You need to spend at least two hours’ time in the morning and two hours in the evening to complete your course content as per above said stages. At least 28hours in a week,120hours in a month is mandatory.

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