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1.Who among the following is known as the Father of Welfare Management?(Basic Level)       

a) Robert Owen

b) F. W. Taylor  

c) Charles Page 

d) Elton Mayo   



2.The labour Welfare services provided within the factories are termed as(Basic Level)

a) Need-bailed assistance           

b) Intra mural    

c) Extra mural   

d) Extra welfare measures          



3. How is Social welfare viewpoint of Personnel management viewed?(Moderate Level)             

a) Antithetical to the real organizational goal of productivity by few managers even today             

b) Placing too much emphasis on productivity and profit

c) Considers that employee satisfaction is not given enough weight age at times

d) Both a) and c)              



4. The primary purpose of employee safety programme is to preserve the employees' .... (Model Level)              

a) Mental health              

b)  Physical health           

c) Emotional health        

d) All of the above          



5. What was the objective behind the appointment of labour officers in the 1930s(High Level)?

a) To protect the workers from the evils of jobbery and indebtedness,    

b) To check corrupt practices in recruitment and selection            

c) To act as a spokesman of labour          

d) All of the above          



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