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1.Which of the following is NOT an approach to Industrial Relation(Basic Level)?

a) Pluralistic Approach  

b) Employee’s Approach              

c) Marxist Approach       

d) Unitary Approach      


2.Who are not the Actors of Industrial Relations?(Basic Level)

a) Workers and their organisations          

b) Employers and their organisations      

c) Government and the role of the State

d) Community and cultural associations


3.Which of the following is NOT an area of focus for trade Unions(Moderate Level)?        

a) Helping employees to job hope           

b) Providing satisfactory wages to each member and worker       

c) Facilitating fight of the workers against irrational policies of management        

d) Improving working conditions of workers        


4. A form of union security in which a company can hire only union members is known as(Moderate Level):         

a) Closed shop  

b) Utility shop   

c) Agency shop 

d)Blank shop     


5. Which of the following models views industrial relations as a system involving makers,organisations, managers and government agencies(High Level)?          

a) Watson's model          

b) Miller and Modigliani Model 

c) Dunlop model              

d) Miller and Form's model         



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