IBPS SO Mains HR Online Course: What You Can Expect From it?

How to Prepare Yourself Well Before Attending  IBPS SO Mains HR Online Course?

The first thing to do is to examine what you know about the IBPS SO HR exam. If you don't know anything about it, then you can take up a course or read up on the topic.

The second step would be to plan your study time in an effective way. Depending on your circumstances, this could mean limiting yourself to 10 hours of study per week, or more if needed.

The third step would be to decide how best to allocate your time for studying for this exam. If you are in school, then make sure that your teachers are aware of how much homework you will be taking on in relation to your exams - it might help them make decisions about when they can give out extra assignments or tests without overloading their

Introduction to Ibps SO Mains Online Course

IBPS SO Mains HR Online Course is a comprehensive course that provides detailed overview of the syllabus and exam pattern. It helps students prepare for the mains exam in just 30 days with extensive practice tests(Topic Wise Test Series,Act Wise Test Series,Model Mock Tests and Previous Year Solved Papers) and comprehensive Study Materials.

Why an Ibps SO Mains Online Course is a Necessity for You?

The article explains how an IBPS SO mains HR online course can come in handy for the aspirants who are preparing for the examination of O mains HR/Personnel.

It is an exam that is taken by the candidates to get into the Indian Banks Service as an HR Professionals.

The article discusses some of its salient features.


We provide online crash course for IBPS SO Mains HR 202.This new course is made with new content with TEST SERIES and STUDY MATERIALS of main exam(Professional Knowledge)


HRpreparation.com provides huge content with MCQs Bank and it will boost confidence and help to crack the exam. All MCQs are real time and most expected questions. Each question having unique explanation in understandable language. The question pattern, exam pattern with simple, moderate and high level questions.

Topic Wise Test Series:

Professional Knowledge is with different sections,this test series consist of basic level moderate level questions from all sub topics from respective main topics with detailed unique explanations.

Professional Knowledge:

i.Core Concept Section:





   Performance Management

   Training and Development

   Organisational Behaviour(OB)

ii.IR and Labour Legislation Section:

   Industrial Relations


   Labour Legislations

   Labour Welfare

iii.Labour Laws section:

This section is very important for exam,we covered all sections,chapters,schedules and amendments of all major labour laws.Covered all 15 labour laws.

Model Mock Test Series:

There are five model mock test series are given in paid course,model mock test series are as per exam pattern i.e 60 questions in each model mock test and 45mnts time given as per exam pattern with negative marking.All questions are real time questions and most expected questions.

Previous Year Solved Paper:

There are last five previous year solved papers with answers and detailed explanations.We provided one more previous year solved papers is Bank of Maharastra(BOM) Specialist Officer HR/Personnel 2021 as exam was conducted by IBPS.Previous year solved paper of BOM will help to understand question pattern.

Key Feature of Test Series:

Test Series provided by hrpreparation.com has many unique features which you may not get in the market.

1. If you are going to attempt the test series for the first time, it will display "Take Test" option to take a test. After taking the test for the first time, it will display "View Result" and "Retake test" options. The salient feature is that you can retake the test as many times as you want and the result will be modified according to the latest attempt made by you. This will help you increase your performance.

2. You can check your performance in the attempted test with complete details like How many questions you Answered, Not Answered and Not Visited with the help of the performance tracker option. You can also check your marks secured and rank in your performance tab.

3. You can check your rank and compare it with your fellow students.

4. Descriptive and detailed explanation of each question will be provided to justify the question and each option of the question.Naviagation feature available.

5. Each sub-topic from each main topic is covered in the topic wise test series.

6.Each section, each chapter and each schedule are covered in Act wise Test Series.

7. Test Series and Study Material are designed as per the latest syllabus.

8. 360 Degree concept-oriented course is assured.



The study material is made with the latest syllabus pattern. All topics and all the sections, chapters and schedules from labour laws are explained in simple and understandable language.

This study material was made by group of experts and very useful for IBPS SO HR 2022,this comprehensive study material will help to you understand the whole concept from basic level.


FREE MOCK TEST SERIES FOR IBPS SO HR:(Need to login before Take Test)

Topic Wise Test Series:
Management-Theory and Functions-Take Test Now
HRM -Foundations-Take Test Now
HRD-Foundations-Take Test Now
OB-Foundations-Take Test Now
Performance Appraisal-Take Test Now
IR-Foundations-Take Test Now
IR-Trade Unionism-Take Test Now
Labour Legislations-Take Test Now
Labour Legislations(ILO)-Take Test Now
Labour Welfare-Foundations-Take Test Now

Act Wise Test Series:
Trade Union Act,1926-Take Test Now
Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972-Take Test Now
Factories Act,1948-Take Test Now
Industrial Dispute Act,1947-Take Test Now
Standing Orders Act,1946-Take Test Now

Model Mock Test Series:
IBPS SO HR Free Model Mock Test-1-Take Test Now
IBPS SO HR Free Model Mock Test-2-Take Test Now
IBPS SO HR Free Model Mock Test-3-Take Test Now
IBPS SO HR Free Model Mock Test-4-Take Test Now
IBPS SO HR Free Model Mock Test-5-Take Test Now

Previous Year Solved Papers:
BOM SO HR 2021-Take Test Now