This is the unique course for UGC NET(HRM/Labour Welfare/Industrial Relations/Code-55).We covered all topics, units, acts as per latest syllabus. This course is called UGC NET HRM/Code-55 Online Crash Course and it has Test Series and Study Material(ebooks).


Dear Aspirant,Welcome to, India's first online educational institution for HR exams. We offer online test series and study materials for UGC NET(HRM/Labour and Social Welfare /Industrial Relations/Personnel Management/Paper Code-55).


This new course is made with new content with test series and study materials.

This course being designed by group of expert with high standard questions with suitable and sufficient explanation. provides huge content with 4100+ MCQs Bank,90+ Test Series and comprehensive study materials(60+ ebooks). It will boost confidence and help to crack the exam.

All MCQs are real time and most expected questions. Each question having unique explanation in understandable language.

The question pattern, exam pattern with Unit wise and Topic Wise, Unit Wise Previous Year Test Series, Act Wise Test Sereis,Act Wise Previous Year Test Series, Out of Syllabus Test Series and Model Mock Test Series are in real time exam pattern.

Having huge MCQs with detailed explanation will help you to understand the whole concept by MCQs which is unique feature of this course. 


Test Series are classified into five major parts namely, Unit Wise Test Series(Topic Wise-SME &Prev Year Solved Questions), Act wise Test Series(Subject Matter Expert-SME &Prev Year Solved Questions), Out of syllabus part, Model Mock Test Series, and Previous Year solved papers with descriptive and detailed explanations.

  • Unit Wise-Topic Wise Test Series
  • Unit Wise Test Series-Prev Year Questions
  • Act Wise Test Series-SME
  • Act Wise Test Series-Prev Year questions
  • Out of Syllabus Topics
  • Model Mock Test Series
  • Prev Year Solved Papers


Unit Wise Test Series are classified into five parts namely, Topic Wsie, Unit wise Previous Year Questions, Act wise SME, Act Wise Previous Year Questions and Out of syllabus Questions.

Unit Wise-Topic Wise Test Series questions includes basic and moderate subject related questions from each topic of the respective unit. In the Unit-Topic Wise part, we cover all the topics from the ten units. This will help you to understand all the concepts from each unit. By attempting all the questions accurately, you will become a Subject Matter Expert. Below is glimpse of Unit Wise-Topic Wise Test Series.

Unit Wise Previous Year Questions include questions from all the previous year papers. This section covers  all the questions from eight previous year question papers.

Labour Laws-Act Wise Test Series questions include basic questions regarding features of various acts. This covers almost seventeen acts with all the sections, chapters and schedules. Henceforth, it will make you understand the whole Act. By attempting all the questions precisely, you will become a Subject Matter Expert in Labour Laws part.

Labour Laws-Act wise Previous Year Questions include questions from all the previous year papers. This ection covers  all the questions from eight previous year question papers.

Out of Syllabus section includes all the questions which are not related to the official syllabus. If we consider the new question paper pattern from 2018 which eliminated the descriptive paper and introduced 100 MCQs in the Paper-2, we spotted that almost 15-20% of questions were out of syllabus like Reading Comprehension, Assertion and Reason, Statements and Logics, and also questions from different theory topics and Legislations of India and Foreign Legislations.


Model Mock Test series includes ten model mock tests with 100MCQs as per the real-time exam pattern. We also provide you a detailed explanation for each question which justifies the question and all the options.

The model mock test is designed in such a way that it first covers a certain number of questions from the ten units and then from the seventeen Acts and finally includes 15-20% from out of syllabus also as discussed. This model test series contains high-level questions which will give you an overview of preparedness for a real-time exam.


In this section, previous five-year question papers are solved with descriptive and detailed explanation. This will help you understand the real time question paper pattern to keep yourself ready for exam preparation.


Test Series provided by has many unique features which you may not get in the market.

1. If you are going to attempt the test series for the first time, it will display "Take Test" option to take a test. After taking the test for the first time, it will display "View Result" and "Retake test" options. The salient feature is that you can retake the test as many times as you want and the result will be modified according to the latest attempt made by you. This will help you increase your performance.

2. You can check your performance in the attempted test with complete details like How many questions you Answered, Not Answered and Not Visited with the help of the performance tracker option. You can also check your marks secured and rank in your performance tab.

3. You can check your rank and compare it with your fellow students.

4. Descriptive and detailed explanation of each question will be provided to justify the question and each option of the question.Naviagation feature available.

5. Each topic from each unit is covered in the unit wise test series.

6.Each section, each chapter and each schedule are covered in Act wise Test Series.

7. 15-20% questions from out of syllabus like assertion and reason, reading comprehension, statements and logics, few theory topics, Legislations with Indian legislations and foreign legislations are covered here with real time expected questions.

8. Unit Wise and Act wise Test Series with Previous Year questions covers ten units and seventeen acts from eight previous year question papers with a huge range of question bank including descriptive and detailed explanations for each question.

9. Test Series and Study Material are designed as per the latest syllabus.

10. 360 Degree SME concept-oriented course is assured.


The study material is made with the latest syllabus pattern. All topics from each unit and all the sections, chapters and schedules from labour laws are explained in simple and understandable language.

This study material was made by group of experts and very useful for UGC NET(HRM/Labour Welfare/Industrial Relations/Code-55),this comprehensive study material will help to you understand the whole concept from basic level.


Paper-1 carries equal priority as paper-2, so you need to focus equally on paper-1 also. We covered test series with the unit wise test, Model Mock test and previous year solved papers with description and detailed explanation.

Paper-1 Study Material(ebooks) also provided as a separate course.