Best Online Course for PSU HR Exams 2024

If you are a serious HR Aspirant and want to crack PSU HR exam (s) then you are at the right place. HRpreparation is India’s first e-Learning plat form all kind of HR Exam Preparation. If you are struggling to prepare for PSU(HR) exams or if you are looking for the right platform to start your preparation for HR exams in India then you are right place. We are providing Best Online Course for PSU HR Exams. There are many PSUs in India with the status of Maharatna, navratna and miniratna, and many of PSUs frequently announce recruitment notifications for MT HR or ET HR or HR officer or HR Trainee positions. HR aspirants have a great opportunity to grab high salaried Govt HR jobs in PSUs by qualifying for written test and personal interview.

If your aim is to secure a job in the prestigious Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) or if you aspire to crack the HR government exams, there is one crucial step you must conquer the written test. This test serves as the gateway to your dreams. HR preparation is the doorway to kick-starting your exam preparation journey and securing a fulfilling career as an HR professional in PSUs.

1. Why this course is unique for HR competitive exams:

This new course is made with updated content with Test Series and Study Materials, covering all topics of a wide range of syllabus coverage. This is a unique course for HR exam preparation. This course is designed by a group of experts with comprehensive study materials and high-standard questions with a suitable and sufficient explanation.
 If you are looking for the best HR course then HRpreparation provides huge content and below key features.
  • 5000+MCQs Bank
  • 120+ Test Series
  • 100+ Comprehensive Study Materials. 
  • 100+ Topics
  • 2 Parts
  • 12 Sections/Units
It will boost confidence and help to crack the exam. Covered both Domain Knowledge(Professional Knowledge) and General Paper/General Aptitude with topic-wise test series, act-wise test series, model mock test series, and Previous Year Solved Papers(HR past exam papers) as per the latest syllabus and exam pattern with a detailed explanation.

2. Course Structure for PSU HR exam:

This course has been thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of aspirants preparing for various PSU HR exams in India, ensuring its utmost usefulness. It aligns perfectly with the latest syllabus and exam pattern, making it a valuable resource for candidates seeking success in HR examinations across different PSU statuses. Irrespective of the PSU's classification, the exam consistently follows a common pattern comprising two papers.
  1.  Professional /Domain Knowledge
  2. General Paper/General Aptitude
We also follow the same exam pattern along with its official syllabus. Here is the course structure to make you understand better.

psu hr course structure

Both papers provided with individual topic-wise study materials and test series as part of individual papers or parts, along with topics, there are ten model mocks and previous year solved papers with detailed explanations.

The purpose of offering a comprehensive course that covers a wide range of topics is to enhance your subject knowledge and increase your chances of cracking the exam successfully.

psu hr course with sections

As you continue reading, you will understand the course structure in a detailed manner.

3. Professional Knowledge for HR examination:

As mentioned earlier, each PSU HR exam consists of two papers or parts. In our online crash course, we have organized the content into sections or units, with each section containing relevant topics. The course follows a comprehensive syllabus, which includes both official syllabus topics and additional ones. For HR competitive exams, the course covers essential sections related to professional and subject knowledge, such as Management, HRM, HRD, OB, IR, Labour Legislations, Labor Welfare, Market, and Labour Laws.

psu hr course structure
Each section is meticulously covered with various topics, and the standout feature is that each topic includes two components: study material and a test series. 

I.Topic Wise HR Notes for PSU Exams:

In the domain of HR knowledge, the course is divided into different sections or units, with each unit encompassing a variety of topics that align with the latest syllabus as per the respective HR exam. Our course offers comprehensive study materials that are provided in a topic-wise manner. These study materials, including HR notes or study materials, are designed to facilitate a deep understanding of each topic and enable you to effectively answer exam questions. 
Topic Wise HR Notes for PSU Exams
This topic-wise study material covers all theoretical parts (Labour Laws or Labour Codes are covered in separate sections) of professional knowledge. 

II.Topic wise HR Test Series:

In addition to comprehensive topic-wise study materials, we offer topic-wise test series as well. While the study material helps you review and enhance your understanding, the topic-wise tests are designed to further improve your knowledge and mastery of each specific topic. By covering the entire concept of a topic, you can learn and reinforce your understanding through the detailed explanations provided with each multiple-choice question (MCQ). 
Topic wise HR Test Series

These topic-wise tests serve as a highly effective strategy to excel in your knowledge and prepare you to confidently tackle any type of question in the real-time exam.

III.Labour Laws(Act Wise) Study Material:

The syllabus for HR exams is extensive, as it encompasses multiple units or sections with numerous topics. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, labour laws form another important section that can be challenging, yet crucial to understanding. However, there is no need to worry about labour laws, as our study materials do not provide lengthy eBooks like textbooks. Instead, we have simplified the entire act using easily understandable language and condensed the content into a few pages as concise materials for labour laws. This approach allows you to complete the reading part with less strain and pressure, ensuring a more manageable learning experience.
Labour Laws(Act Wise) Study Material
We provide all labour laws and general laws too which are required for HR exams as per the syllabus and part of the universal syllabus with the most updated including all the latest amendments.

IV.Labour Laws(Act Wise) Test Series:

To facilitate a comprehensive understanding of each labour law, we have provided concise study materials. However, when it comes to the act-wise test series, we ensure that you are well-informed about every section, chapter, schedule, and amendment. Through the use of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from respective Labour Law in the test series, each question covers four specific sections/chapters/schedules/amendments, and detailed explanations are provided. 
Labour Laws(Act Wise) Test Series
 By attempting the act-wise test series, you will not only learn each section, chapter, schedule, and amendment but also benefit from a proven method of practical learning.

4. General Paper for HR Competitive Exams:

In any written test for PSU HR exams, there are two parts or papers. The first part is the professional knowledge paper, focusing on specific HR-related subjects. The second part is the general paper or general aptitude, covering various sections or units that assess general knowledge and aptitude skills.
  1. Quantitiative Aptitude
  2. Reasoning
  3. General English
  4. General Awareness /GK
Typically, PSUs provide notification regarding their exam pattern, including the papers or parts involved. While most PSUs include the above-mentioned four parts in their syllabus, some may include only one, two, or three of them. Additionally, a few PSUs may also consider computer knowledge as part of the exam. Rest assured, our courses are designed in accordance with the specific exam pattern outlined by each PSU.

I.Topic wise Study Material:

The study material for the general paper covers all sections or units, with each individual topic thoroughly addressed. We have included all the essential and major topics from each section or unit as per the universal syllabus, ensuring comprehensive coverage that is necessary for exam preparation and successfully qualifying for the exam.
Topic wise Study Material

II.Topic wise Test Series:

Similar to the professional knowledge section, we offer topic-wise tests for each section or unit in the general paper. These tests include questions ranging from basic to moderate to high levels of difficulty, preparing you for the challenges of the real-time exam. Each question is accompanied by a detailed and unique explanation, ensuring a thorough understanding of the concepts and enhancing your exam readiness. 
Topic wise Test Series

5. Model Mocks for PSU HR exams:

Mock tests for PSU HR exams are incredibly valuable as they play a crucial role in achieving success in the actual exam. To aid your preparation, we provide ten model mock tests for the HR exam. The pattern of these model mocks is aligned with the respective PSU HR exam pattern, ensuring that you are familiar with the official exam format. We strictly adhere to the official exam pattern for each course, allowing you to simulate the real exam environment and enhance your performance.
 All the questions included in our HR mock tests are sourced from previous year's question papers of various HR exams. In other words, the model mocks consist entirely of previous questions from past HR exams. This approach significantly increases the likelihood of encountering similar question patterns in the actual exam, thereby enhancing your chances of scoring well. By practicing with these model mocks, you will familiarize yourself with the question patterns and improve your overall performance in the real-time exam.

Model Mocks for PSU HR exams

Each model mock test comprises both papers or parts, mirroring the official exam pattern. We have included multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with detailed explanations from both the professional knowledge and general aptitude sections. The ratio of questions in the model mocks is aligned with the official exam pattern, ensuring a realistic representation of the actual exam.
 We prioritize maintaining an equal ratio of questions from every topic and section in both parts of the exam. This balanced distribution of questions instills confidence in candidates as they attempt the model mocks, knowing that they are practicing with a representation of real-time questions.

6. PSU HR Previous year question paper(Solved Papers):

For any competitive exam, one should understand the syllabus and then need to understand the question pattern too. The question pattern can be grasped by referring to previous year's papers. While it may be challenging to find HRM past exam papers from a single source, we have accumulated a vast collection of previous HR PSU exam papers. These papers, along with detailed solutions, are provided as part of the course, enabling you to familiarize yourself with the question patterns and excel in your exam preparation.
 In our portal, we offer a wide range of PSU HR Crash Courses. As part of these courses, we have included the respective PSU HR previous year's question papers along with detailed explanations. This valuable resource enables you to practice with real exam questions and gain a comprehensive understanding of the solutions.
Previous year solved papers are available in individual PSU HR courses and based on their availability.

psu hr exam course details

7. Key features of PSU HR course:

There are numerous key features available as part of the PSU HR course.
1)Unlimited Test Practice
2)Unlimited Study Material Reading
3)Access Course at your convenience time 
4)Retake option available for each test and there is no limit for retake
5)View result and solutions with performance and marks
6)Ten Model Mocks with previous year questions from various HR exams
7)Previous Year Solved Papers with detailed explanations
8)Provided content is divided into parts, sections, and topics to make learner’s  life easier
9)Special focus on labour laws with sections,chapters, schedules, and latest amendments
10)Comprehensive study materials for theoretical sections
11)Concise study materials for labour laws
12)Covered all sections and units of general paper with topics

HRpreparation offers a unique and comprehensive online course tailored to PSU HR exams, covering a wide range of topics, providing detailed study materials, test series, and previous year question papers with solutions, ensuring a successful and well-rounded HR exam preparation experience.



Q: How is the course structured for PSU HR exams?
A: The course is thoughtfully designed with a structured approach to cater to the needs of aspirants preparing for PSU HR exams. It aligns perfectly with the latest syllabus and exam pattern, covering both the professional knowledge and general paper sections. The course includes topic-wise study materials, test series, act-wise test series, model mock test series, and previous year solved papers, providing a comprehensive and well-rounded preparation experience.

Q: What makes HRpreparation's online course unique for PSU HR exams?
A: HRpreparation's online course stands out due to its updated content, comprehensive study materials, test series, and coverage of a wide range of syllabus topics, ensuring a holistic preparation experience.

Q: Does the HR course cover both the professional knowledge and general paper sections?
A: Yes, HRpreparation's course covers both sections, offering study materials, test series, and previous year papers for professional knowledge as well as the general paper/general aptitude sections.

Q: Are the study materials and test series organized by topics?
A: Yes, the study materials and test series are structured topic-wise, allowing focused learning and targeted practice for each section and unit of the exam.

Q: What is the ratio of questions from each topic and section in the model mocks?
A: The model mocks maintain an equal distribution of questions from every topic and section, ensuring a balanced representation for comprehensive exam preparation.

Q: How does HRpreparation simplify the complexities of labour laws?
A: HRpreparation provides concise study materials for labour laws, presenting the content in easily understandable language, and allowing you to grasp the concepts with ease.

Q: Are there act-wise test series available for labour laws?
A: Yes, HRpreparation offers act-wise test series for labour laws, allowing you to gain a comprehensive understanding of each section, chapter, schedule, and amendment.

Q: How does HRpreparation help in preparing for the general paper/general aptitude section?
A: HRpreparation provides comprehensive study materials and test series for each section of the general paper, helping you enhance your quantitative aptitude, reasoning, English, and general awareness skills.

Q: What does the Online Test Series for HR Exam offered by HRpreparation include?
A: The Online Test Series for HR Exam provided by HRpreparation encompasses a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance your exam preparation. It includes topic-wise tests, act-wise tests, and model mock tests. These tests consist of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) sourced from previous year question papers, ensuring a realistic exam experience. Each question is accompanied by detailed explanations, allowing you to understand the concepts thoroughly. The Online Test Series serves as a valuable tool to assess your knowledge, improve your test-taking skills, and boost your confidence for the actual HR exam.

Q: How should one prepare for PSU's HR exams in India?
A: To prepare for PSU's HR exams in India, it is crucial to adopt a strategic approach. HRpreparation provides online courses specifically tailored for PSU HR exams, which can greatly assist in your preparation journey. Begin by thoroughly understanding the exam syllabus and pattern. Utilize the comprehensive study materials and resources provided by HRpreparation to enhance your knowledge of core HR topics. Engage in regular practice with previous year's question papers, model mock tests, and online test series to familiarize yourself with the exam format. By following a structured study plan, leveraging the online courses provided by HRpreparation, and staying dedicated, you can increase your chances of success in PSU's HR exams.

Q: How are PSU HR/Personnel Mock Tests provided?
A: PSU HR/Personnel Mock Tests are provided by HRpreparation as part of their online courses. These mock tests are accessible through the HRpreparation platform, where candidates can access and attempt them at their convenience. The mock tests are designed to closely resemble the actual exam pattern, question types, and difficulty level. All questions are previous year questions from various PSU HR exams. The PSU HR/Personnel Mock Tests provided by HRpreparation play a vital role in improving exam readiness and boosting candidates' confidence for the actual exam.

Q: What are HR Exam Question and Answer Papers for Competitive Exams?
A: HR Exam Question and Answer Papers for Competitive Exams are valuable resources provided by HRpreparation. These papers consist of a wide range of questions covering various topics related to Human Resource Management and other relevant subjects. They are specifically designed to help candidates prepare for HR competitive exams, such as PSU HR exams and other HR-related competitive exams. The question papers include both objective-type and subjective-type questions, along with their corresponding answers, allowing candidates to assess their knowledge, practice problem-solving, and gain a better understanding of the exam format. By utilizing these question-and-answer papers, candidates can enhance their exam preparation and increase their chances of success in competitive HR exams.

Q: What is an Online Test Series for HR Exam?
A: An Online Test Series for HR Exam is a comprehensive set of practice tests offered by HRpreparation specifically for HR competitive exams. These online test series are designed to provide candidates with a simulated exam experience, closely resembling the actual HR exam format, question types, and time constraints. By enrolling in the Online Test Series, candidates can access a variety of topic-wise tests, section-wise tests, and full-length mock tests. Each test is accompanied by detailed solutions and explanations, allowing candidates to assess their performance, identify areas of improvement, and enhance their overall exam preparation. The Online Test Series is a valuable tool to build confidence, improve time management skills, and boost success rates in HR competitive exams.

Q: How can I target PSU HR Executives positions?
A: Understand job requirements, research PSU organizations, study the syllabus, enhance subject knowledge, and practice mock tests. Stay updated, develop soft skills, and remain dedicated. By following these steps, you can increase your chances of targeting and securing PSU HR Executives positions.

Q: What is the best book for HR PSU exams?
A: There is no single book that can be considered the best for HR PSU exams as the syllabus covers a wide range of topics. However, candidates can refer to multiple standard books on HRM, Labour Laws, and related subjects. HR books for PSU exams and HR notes for competitive exams are essential resources for comprehensive exam preparation. Alternatively, HRpreparation provides comprehensive study materials and test series on its platform, offering a consolidated resource for exam preparation.

Q: Where can I find HR aptitude test questions and answers?
A: HR aptitude test questions and answers can be found on various online platforms, including HRpreparation. These platforms provide a wide range of practice questions covering different areas of HR aptitude, such as recruitment, training, performance management, and organizational behavior. These resources help candidates assess their knowledge and prepare for HR aptitude tests.

Q: Is there a course available that includes PSU HR mock tests?
A: Yes, HRpreparation offers a comprehensive course that includes PSU HR mock tests. The course covers the exam syllabus, provides study materials, and offers dedicated mock tests to simulate the actual exam. These mock tests are invaluable for assessing readiness and improving performance in PSU HR exams.

Q: Where can I find PSU HR study material?
A: PSU HR study material is available on HRpreparation. It provides comprehensive study materials covering all relevant topics of the PSU HR exams. These materials are designed to enhance subject knowledge, provide in-depth explanations, and help candidates prepare effectively for the exams.

Q: Where can I find PSU HR previous year question papers?
A: PSU HR previous year question papers can be found on HRpreparation. These platforms offer a collection of past question papers from various PSU HR exams. Access to these papers helps candidates familiarize themselves with the exam pattern, practice solving previous year's questions, and improve their exam preparation.

Q: Where can I find HR past exam papers and HR exam questions?
A: HRpreparation provides a wide range of HR past exam papers and HR exam questions. These resources are valuable for exam preparation, allowing candidates to practice solving questions from previous exams, understand the exam pattern, and enhance their knowledge and problem-solving skills in the field of HR.